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[Two Days Till the love of my life is HOME]

Today was a fun day, I cleaned my cabin, wrapped presents, and watched some Harry Potter!! Then fifty minutes before I had to go to work I realized my keys were missing…I usually hang them on the key rack or I keep them in my purse…they weren’t in either location. (Losing something happens to me at least two times a week) Usually I find whatever I am looking for within minutes. 

However I couldn’t think of any place I had put them, so I tore apart my cabin and searched my car. Then the only explanation I could think of is that I dropped them in the snow. (It had been none stop snowing for two days now.) I decided to not stress over it anymore, to grab my spare and to go to work. I didn’t think about them again till I got home, then I started to shovel where I “thought” dropped them. My sisters and mother came out to help me, & then to help me tear apart my cabin some more…well we didn’t find them. 

Later I go over to the house and look on the couch..and there they were, just smiling up at me.




How did your guys day go? Do you have any interesting stories that happened to you this week? 

I am going to enjoy the rest of my week! I am going to have pizza with my family, watch Lord of the Rings with my sister Kami, Do a photo shoot with my father-in-law and just relax and enjoy my time. 


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There are three types of women.

#1) The DoitAll woman :

This woman can do it all, she thinks that she doesn’t need help, she tries to fix everything, help everyone and be everywhere are once, but she doesn’t focus on herself and helping herself until she just has a complete melt down and realizes that she hasn’t been helping the one person who needs it the most.

#2) The helpless woman:

This woman gives up before she even tries, she thinks that she can’t do anything so she doesn’t try to help and she always is having someone help her. Her whole life she will go on thinking that she wont succeed or go anywhere. She “thinks” she is happy with that, she will never be fully happy with herself, because she doesn’t trust or believe in herself.

#3) The understanding woman:

This woman, knows her limits. She knows the things she can do on her own and she knows when to ask for help. She has a healthy relationship with herself and she respects herself.

I relate to number one but I am working on becoming number three, I usually like to carry all of the groceries in at one time, I am learning to carry what I can, and then go back or ask for help for the rest.


I was raised that you can do anything you set your mind to. I sometimes take it a little farther than I can handle. My poor husband is the one who usually has to deal with it when I carry on to much.  I made a change the other day to not be the girl who can do everything.

Everyone needs help at sometimes and its pride that stands in the way. Its pride and selfishness that overtakes us to think we can do everything. We can do everything we set our minds to but we can’t do it all at once and we can’t do it all alone. God has been patient with me, and I am grateful for that, but if I don’t decide to ask for help when needed or seek counsel when needed, then I wont change and I wont go anywhere in life.

We learn new things everyday, and we learn new things about ourselves everyday.

What number are you?? If you can relate to one of the three types of women, and you are not happy being one or two. Are you willing to change? Are you willing to try and become a better person for yourself and for those who love you?

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