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[Two Days Till the love of my life is HOME]

Today was a fun day, I cleaned my cabin, wrapped presents, and watched some Harry Potter!! Then fifty minutes before I had to go to work I realized my keys were missing…I usually hang them on the key rack or I keep them in my purse…they weren’t in either location. (Losing something happens to me at least two times a week) Usually I find whatever I am looking for within minutes. 

However I couldn’t think of any place I had put them, so I tore apart my cabin and searched my car. Then the only explanation I could think of is that I dropped them in the snow. (It had been none stop snowing for two days now.) I decided to not stress over it anymore, to grab my spare and to go to work. I didn’t think about them again till I got home, then I started to shovel where I “thought” dropped them. My sisters and mother came out to help me, & then to help me tear apart my cabin some more…well we didn’t find them. 

Later I go over to the house and look on the couch..and there they were, just smiling up at me.




How did your guys day go? Do you have any interesting stories that happened to you this week? 

I am going to enjoy the rest of my week! I am going to have pizza with my family, watch Lord of the Rings with my sister Kami, Do a photo shoot with my father-in-law and just relax and enjoy my time. 


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Let is snow!!

Living in Alaska you’d think you’d be used to the winters, but after a beautiful summer here in Alaska you tend to forget our winters. This morning its -20 degrees outside!! BRRR…as cold as it is, I love it! I couldn’t get more of our Alaskan winter! My father-in-law (http://123fotography.wordpress.com) does photography! The other day he asked if I wanted to take photos outside, my first instinct was to run away and hide because it was freezing outside, but I knew it would be fun! (What happens next I didn’t expect!) When I went outside, I wanted to run, and roll in the snow! It was very cold but my inner child just wanted to play in the snow!

Sadly because I was moving so much, he didn’t get the best photos, it was extremely fun though! I ran, and jumped. It was in the negatives outside so I didn’t roll in the snow like I wanted…

Have fun and let the good times roll

Once reality kicked in, I realized that it was cold outside, and all I wanted to do was sit by the fire place and soak up the embers!!

Although Alaskan winters are cold, they are fun! The auroras are the most beautiful things you will see in Alaska! They dance in the sky and you have to stop and watch them, every time they are so different! No matter where you live, try to find the beauty in it! Every place in beautiful and unique in its own way!


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